Earlier marriage brokers visited homes exactly where the loved ones members had been in search of a bride or groom for their son or daughter. Through the stop by, brokers attempt to realize the specifications of the girl or the boy and give specifics of potential alliances that look appropriate to the parties concerned. But issues have changed a lot in the previous couple of years. Marriages are no longer fixed the regular way these days. There are new approaches to search for a bride or a groom.

Putting an advertisement in newspapers is a single amongst them. Matrimonial columns in newspapers assistance in finding specifics of potential brides & grooms. Some individuals also give ads in magazines.


Approaching marriage bureaus and gathering specifics on very good proposals is also prevalent nowadays. There are on the web internet sites that do a amazing service in this regard. Households can register on matrimony internet websites by providing their specifics and expectations for the bride or groom to be. One particular of the positive aspects of registering on these matrimony internet sites is a single can search for precise specifications by providing search criteria and speak to the parties straight.

Immediately after collecting a very good quantity of proposals the elders of the loved ones can speak to the loved ones members of the boy or girl and invite them to their property. It is typically the boy's loved ones who visits the girl's property and convey their interest in going ahead with the marriage. If each the households are interested in the proposal then they commence the pre- marriage ceremonies.

The bride's loved ones visits the groom's property and repair the date of Nischayam (Malayalam word for engagement) and marriage. When fixing the date of marriage, the auspicious time named the Muhurtham is also decided. Exchanging of garlands and tying of the nuptial knot requires spot at the precise Muhurtham time. Most of the households repair Muhurtham following consulting with a Thantri (Malayalee Hindu Priest) or an astrologer.

Matching of horoscopes Prior to the Malayalee wedding, the horoscope of bride and groom is checked to decide the compatibility issue. It is performed by an astrologer. Quite a few astrological calculations are performed and the astrologer conveys the outcome. Each the households agree to the marriage only if the horoscopes match.

Nischayam or the Engagement ceremony Prior to marriage, the engagement ceremony is performed. This ceremony is performed at the ancestral property of the bride. It is sort of mini marriage function exactly where close relatives of bride and groom participate. Announcement of marriage date and loved ones specifics of bride and groom are performed throughout this ceremony. Nischaya thaamboolam or the engagement thali is exchanged by the loved ones of bride and groom and this officially indicates the fixing of the marriage. Some households also have the ring exchange ceremony. Immediately after the ceremony regular feast is arranged at the venue.

Marriage day On this day, relatives and mates of bride and groom are present at the venue. Garlands are exchanged among bride and groom. The groom ties a “thali” on bride's neck and this symbolizes the beginning of a life time connection among them as husband and wife. In Hindu marriage tying of the nuptial knot requires spot precisely at Muhurtham. According to Hindu philosophy, Muhurtham is thought of as the most apt time to commence a new connection.

The newly married couple commence a loved ones life.